We are a firm devoted to plan, conduct and build living spaces within an architectural object. In this space, we seek to interpret and reflect our clients' lifestyle, personality, customs, ideas and dreams, appealing to the dynamic relationship with them so as to achieve the best result.

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A stone portico erects itself delineating a hierarchichal access. The carpentry, the moulders and the rustications provide the style with Tuscan traits. The development of the building is adapted to the client's style: on the ground floor, we find the daily use area, and a wing of interconnected bedrooms. On the top floor, there is a living room, a library and two bedrooms. The pool has an organic morphology and it is fitted into the gallery area, where the best views can be found. The access is quite impressive by its two-storey view, the floor coating ornamentation, the staircase with organic forms, and the chandelier. In the kitchen area, the light colours provide it with brightness and spaciousness. The furniture is handcrafted, which conveys a distinct personality, both to the linear support surface and the isle. The outer warmth is kept in the interiors with a distictive style and strong personality.

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“Less is more”. Mies' phrase can summarize the line of thoght that gave origin to this house. The minimalist premise was the main intention that was present all the time when it was designed, The honesty of raw materials, with no coatings, the purity of geometry, the lack of ornamentation, the elements kept to a minimum provides the house with its own identity. To the front, it presents itself as a large volume, almost blind, to which a crystal box is attached and is divided by an impressive slit that marks the access. To the rear faÇade, the house is open up so as to make the most of the river view. The ground floor has coordinated rooms, without walls, except for a small utility area. The top floor has private uses and, if we continue going upstairs, we arrive at an accessible terrace which functions as expansion as well as a viewpoint. The inner rooms have works of art, organic furniture, and wood elements which convey the warmth that is essential for the users' comfort.

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Interior Design

The project can be completed defining each detail in the interior of the house. The client's identity is complemented by the architecture in rooms. The project not only manifests itself through formal and spatial values, but also through interior design details. The experience acquired by completing our studies at Politecnico di Milano contributes to that aim. Functionality, comfort and aesthetics are combined and place the user in the center of stage, thus ensuring optimal results.



The projects are materialized respecting the structural systems, the installations and the finish details. We work with excellence from the start to the end of the construction process. We use first-quality materials so as to make sure we provide comfort and high-quality aesthetics. We build under Building Information Modeling (BIM) standards, optimizing processes and resources, which consists of meeting deadlines and reducing costs.


Construction Site Management

The architecture project should be respected both in the structural instance of the building and in the details. To that aim, we carry out the construction site management. With the documentation executed in the project stage, we have the tools so that it takes place in due time and form.


Architectural Project

The architectural style that we suggest adapts to a functional context keeping in mind values like identity and refinement. Each project represents a unique design, thus expressing each user's personality. The representation systems are at the service of the client, allowing a dynamic relationship so as to reach an appropriate solution. By combining the client's wishes and our vision of architecture, we guarantee the success of each project that we develop.


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