“I have always considered life to be more important than architecture”. This phrase by the memorable architect Oscar Niemeyer is expresed in a sustainable building that comes alive as part of the landscape. Implanted on the Paraná river delta in the province of Buenos Aires, the ‘Tree House’ erects itself as just one more element of its surroundings. The main idea of the project consists of the elevation of the building on a floor that is detached from the land so as to take full advantage of the visuals of the river and to preserve the land that holds the building in this spare ground floor. The clients wanted a space where they could rest during the weekend and they could enjoy nature without changing it, within the possibilities offered by sustainable architecture. The family, made up of adults and children, was lookiing for a simple building with integrated rooms where they could enjoy the environment and the visuals as an open elementary refuge to nature and in harmony with it. Inspired on the architecture of the Parana river delta in Buenos Aires and on Frank Lloyd Wright’s concept, which states that ‘the natural tendency of every ill-considered thing is to detach itself and stick out like a sore thumb in surroundings by nature perfectly quiet’, and,  on Le Corbusier’s 5 points, the design is developed as from a volume of public us and a volume on the lateral border of the plot, in which the private area of the building is located. The development of the idea did not change the main concepts that created the original idea.


300 M2