A + R

We are an architecture studio specialized in premium designs for residences, residential and commercial buildings, with experience in the field of construction, which leads us to project great spaces taking into account every detail. Our services include the whole architectural work, Project – Direction – Administration and Construction.

In a world where dreams seem unrealizable, in the best expression of architecture it is possible to turn them into a concrete, genuine and real thing. We believe in architecture as art and science to create a framework for our life. The growth of the A + R firm came together with our vision of pursuing the avant-garde and functional space, always focusing on the wishes of the clients. The project goal is always to satisfy every need in a simple and creative way.

In 2008, A + R was founded by the architect Cristian Ricci, graduated at the University of Buenos Aires, and the architect Erica Arcuri, also graduated at the University of Buenos Aires, obtaining also a master degree from the Politecnico di Milano (Master in Interior Design in the SPD). We have designed and built more than 25,000 m2 of Premium homes and buildings that guarantee our experience.

Our vision and international practice, with a strong influence of ´Made in Italy´ in our project perspective, has given us national and international recognition, having won competitions such as “The houses of the year” by Clarín (Crystal House), International Property Awards in London in 2013 (Crystal House), International Property Awards in Barbados in 2015 (Tree House), International Property Awards in London in 2016 (CP House) and the American Architecture Prize in 2017 in New York (CP House).

With a simple spirit and a creative vision, our success lies in creating spaces that make the difference and change people’s lives. We stand out for understanding the needs and dreams of our clients, turning them into the project they are looking for, both for their home, for apartments buildings, and retail. From our point of view, architecture goes beyond the idea of ​​the building itself, reflecting the identity of those who inhabit the spaces. Our great challenge is not just to project a great design or build with the highest quality, but also to have a great experience while this happens.