The project is focused on the identity of each element of the house. From the individuality of the forms and functions, a harmony of the whole structure was sought, resulting in a richness in its facade, showed both in the movement and the materials. A large white volume is the main structure of the house. The social and service areas are located on the ground floor, while the bedrooms were designed on the upper floor. The hierarchy of the main suite is distinguished by a change in materiality, presenting itself as a volume of wood on the main facade. Wood is once again present and giving category to the main entrance and the parking. Furthermore, the structural elements were also identified with their own shape and materiality through reinforced concrete plates, which generates a skin overlapped on the main volume towards the sides. Parasols as vertical slats can be found both on the front façade and on the back, giving strength to the vertical lines of the project. This feature provides the house a unique signature.


660 M2