The L-shaped building is placed on the ground as covered and semi-covered spaces, creating galleries and grill shed rooms. The main rooms are connected with the gallery and the garden. There is an inner garder which separates the living room from the family room and it provides those rooms with light and visuals. The staircase, as an organizer of the room, builds up the reception and it is kept hidden giving privacy to its use and it is directly connected with the kitchen and the utility area. On the top floor, the office as the central part divides the bedrooms in two wings. Glass doors decorated with vinyls divide the rooms and allow the passing of light towards the rooms.There is an alternation of translucent and opaque volumes, allowing the connection between the internal and the external area without losing privacy. Systems of sun screens and opaque glasses allow the passing of light, protecting private areas. The contemporary aspect is kept in each detail in the building.


380 M2