830 m2


2020, 2020

The double height access portico hierarchizes the classic style with which the house is imposed within the land. The moldings and the balusters of classic lines complete the majesty of its facade. The project has been thought of as a “whole”, both on its facade and on its interior. The elegance that is shown to us through the great hall in double height, dialogues with the experience of the access portico. In it we are presented with a helical staircase, which, together with mirror coverings and the central chandelier, welcomes us to luxury.
The public spaces follow the classic lines, becoming evident in the boiserie of its walls, the metallic tones, and marbles. The upper floor houses the private sector, giving rise to the privacy of the family. In these environments the details of distinction are perceived, without losing the warmth and domestic scale.
Towards the back, the infinity pool, visually unified to the lagoon, allows us to complete the experience.