Attics, mouldings, balconies, rustications, balusters all result in French style with contemporary proportions. The semicircular arches, either in the top floor or in the galleries, frame the ornamented architecture box. The straight lines and symmetries of the style did not prevent the pool from having an organic morphology,  somehow blending with the river. The axis of symmetry that organizes the floor is materialized by the entrance hall, and, as from the axis, the side wings are organized and they have several functions: to the right, the living room and the family room, to the left, the kitchen-dining room. The hierarchies of each room are handled this way. On the top floor, we find the bedrooms and a private hall which is expanded towards a balcony with a view to the front. The attic functions as entertainment, bar and cinema. The elegance and the handmade details, such as the panelling in each room, keeps quite a French-historic personality though adapting to current comfort and technologies.


490 M2