The building is in a on a tree-lined boulevard of a residential neighborhood of Buenos Aires, with low houses and great sunlight. In this context, we considered important the initial idea of integrating the urban space into the building. The main entrance is generated through an atrium, equipped with fixed furniture, which creates different situations of use: casual work, relaxing and meeting point. The building “embraces” this yard and responds through a façade of organic forms and vegetation. These visuals are, at the same time, used by the food stores on the ground floor and expand towards the open area. The dialogue between interior and exterior spaces is completed towards the back of the land, where we can find the common spaces of the building such as pool and grills. In the building there are studios, 2, 3 and 4 room premium residential units. The upper units have an outdoor area with a grill on the terrace, while the ground floor units have access to a backyard. The forms achieved through the white organic lines, dynamize the facade and give identity to this residential building that takes into account the sustainable concept keeping a balance between contemporary and elegance.


9.000 M2