The orientation of the house was key when it came to projecting, optimizing the visuals and sunlight as much as possible. GF House, is located on a large lot in Santa Monica, California where the sun, warm weather and the sea have leading roles. Horizontal lines predominate in this design, narrowing the floor plan in depth to provide a unified green area and a greater range of natural light to the environments. Towards the front, a system of parasols preserves the privacy of the house, while the quiet part of the building opens to the park through its large glazed panels that expands to the gallery. The plant is divided into two through an internal patio, dividing the public living-dining room and the barbecue area. This division is also higlithed in the access door (with a section of vegetation on the upper floor) and the pool. The building materials are concrete and wood, which gives it a balance between the contemporary and the coziness.


X M2