Located in front of the Palermo racecourse, the challenge of the FO House interior design was,from the beginning to integrate the exterior environment into the appartment. We take the aesthetics of polo as an idea, which later was reflected in space through materials, textures, furniture. The wood paneling, use of leather, and the large window that faces to privileged views of Av. Libertador, take us directly to the equestrian world, without losing sight of the cozyness in the details. The project was conceived as an open space, where living room, dining room and kitchen coexist. Each of these uses has its own identity, but at the same time, they maintain a single chromatic and material bond. The private sector maintains the same aesthetics, where wood and leather are the protagonists. Vegetation was added to these spaces through the incorporation of vertical gardens in the toilet and staircase. The upper floor space was used to locate the laundry room, which let us free the ground floor and thus, achieve the prominence of the staircase, and the terrace.


200 M2