The refined faÇade of the house is highlighted by different volumes of stone providing the building with movement and materiality. Two magnificent symmetrical marble staircases give monumental character to the access hall, organizing the house.To the left, the living room represents the social area of the house, acquiring a formal nature. On the opposite side of that group of staircases, we find the main dining room and a more private area, where the kitchen and the grill room shed can be found. The latter represents an informal social area. On the top floor, we find the bedrooms and a utility area, which is divided by a private vertical staircase. Recreation and leisure life are complemented by a screening room to show movies and have fun. Through the service staircase we can access the attic, which is used as playroom. The exuberance and warmth are perceived at the same time in a space in which each room accomplishes it function according to the needs of the family.


830 M2