“Less is more”. Mies’ phrase can summarize the line of thoght that gave origin to this house. The minimalist premise was the main intention that was present all the time when it was designed, The honesty of raw materials, with no coatings, the purity of geometry, the lack of ornamentation, the elements kept to a minimum provides the house with its own identity. To the front, it presents itself as a large volume, almost blind, to which a crystal box is attached and is divided by an impressive slit that marks the access. To the rear faÇade, the house is open up so as to make the most of the river view. The ground floor has coordinated rooms, without walls, except for a small utility area. The top floor has private uses and, if we continue going upstairs, we arrive at an accessible terrace which functions as expansion as well as a viewpoint. The inner rooms have works of art, organic furniture, and wood elements which convey the warmth that is essential for the users’ comfort.


400 M2