The main idea of the project was to maintain the coziness of the wood present in the lapacho floor covering, and to harmonize the different rooms through the furniture. The contemporary style of the house that is shown in the outside, continues in the furniture. The living room has a fireplace with minimalist lines, contained in a large piece of furniture, with storage space and led tv. The dining room breaks with the sobriety of the living room, through the color and the eclectic style, however, the china cabinet dialogues with the large living room furniture, giving unity and completing the space. The bedroom offers a cozy atmosphere, with pastel colors, mirrors and wall details that frame the rest area. The bathrooms are embellished with porcelain, however the goal is to maintain warmth through furniture and wooden details. This balance between silestone, lacquer and wood is repeated in the kitchen. The spa area is clad in wood, in contrast to the travertine marble that contains the Jacuzzi. The entire composition achieves a balance and a unique identity within the house. The bar on the upper floor proposes a social meeting area, with furniture in wood, velvet and leather, where the senses become the main character of this playful space.


460 M2