The CL house, builds its own identity from the facing of the walls in its facade. The coziness of the stone combined with the strength of the dark gray tones, as well as the contrast in its heights, gives a balance in the composition. The big sized windows at the back of the building, relate directly the house with the forest located towards that orientation. The distribution of the floor plan, suggests a family use, housing large spaces worthy of being used in company, each with its own identity according to its function. On the ground floor we find large open spaces integrating a magnificent living room in double height, with the dining room of simple height. The kitchen is distributed next to the service uses to the front. The bedroom and the Spa complete the ground floor space. The upper floor is exclusively intended for the guests´ reception. There is the cinema, guests` bedroom and bar. The project was thought altogether with the interior design, thinking of it as a whole from the initial stage.


460 M2