A stone portico erects itself delineating a hierarchical access. The carpentry, the moulders and the rustications provide the style with Tuscan traits. The development of the building is adapted to the client’s style: on the ground floor, we find the daily use area, and a wing of interconnected bedrooms. On the top floor, there is a living room, a library and two bedrooms. The pool has an organic morphology and it is fitted into the gallery area, where the best views can be found. The access is quite impressive by its two-storey view, the floor coating ornamentation, the staircase with organic forms, and the chandelier. In the kitchen area, the light colours provide it with brightness and spaciousness. The furniture is handcrafted, which conveys  distinct personality, both to the linear support surface and the isle. The outer warmth is kept in the interiors with a distinctive style and strong personality.


450 M2