Behind the neoclassical style, broad spaces are organized, where comfort and social meetings are a priority.  The hall allows the distribution towards the different rooms of the house. At one side of the living room, we find the staircase, and, on the other, there is the guest room and the office. The utility area has its own independent access, which includes the kitchen, the garage and the grill room shed.  The top floor is divided into two parts: on the one hand, the bedroom private area,  and, on the other, the laundry room and the bedroom. Finally, in the attic, we find a screening room and a playroom. The details on the faÇade, the rustications, the attics, the balusters, the semicircular arches and the moulders define the aesthetics that gives character to the building. The tympanum gives status to the main entrance focusing on the classical style that characterizes the house. The interiors have handmade materials, such as the panelling on walls , the marble in bathrooms, the furniture made of wood, designed and elaborated on the basis of the aesthetics and quality required.


850 M2